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Introducing The Feel More Podcast | Laying the Full Ass Human Podcast to rest

In EP 000 of The Feel More Podcast I share some big changes that became clarified on my month break and introduce you to the new era of the podcast! Listen in to hear about the new podcast format, The Inner Circle community and Womb Talks!


✍🏾 Feel More Podcast Show Notes ✍🏾 JOIN Join the Inner Circle to experience a community where your humanness is at the center. Healing social media for the soul who desires meaningful, intentional engagement and connection. Tap there to learn more and join! FEEL WITH ME Tap in here to learn about my Womb Talks offering SUPPORT If you love the show, please give a 5 star rating on Spotify and head to the Apple Podcasts app to leave a written review!



Image by Vino Li
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