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Lemme Read To You | All About Love By bell hooks

In EP 006 of The Feel More Podcast we indulge in my book reading/sharing series, Lemme Read To You, an immersive audio experience featuring readings from my personal recommended books, backed by calming jazz music. Where you get some wisdom, but also allow for your nervous system to be soothed. I made this for you. In this episode I read the chapter "Give Love Words" from All About Love by bell hooks.


✍🏾 Feel More Podcast Show Notes ✍🏾 Get the book here!⁠

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Backed by relaxing, classic jazz from Epidemic Sound

This Endless Night by Wendy Marcini

Maze of Tranquility by Martin Landstrom

At Dusk by Hara Noda Te & Bok by Jerry McHoy

Once by Hara Noda


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Image by Vino Li
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