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Men need space held too | Exploring relationships from the male perspective with Lyndon Morgan II

Pushing a return to power for women, is my jam! AND I am realizing that societally, this empowerment has been coming at the cost of competency for being in healthy relationship with men who are also on the journey of re-empowering themselves. Almost as if, we have forgotten that men are also....human. And this is an actual issue that isn't getting much play right now.

In episode 26 of Full Ass Human, I bring on my first guest, my brother Lyndon, to share about his personal experiences as a man, navigating women-dominated community spaces as well as personal relationships with women and the impact they have had on his life, personal and spiritual growth. In this episode of Full Ass Human we also chat with you about:

  • The metaphorical "ghost" experience as a man in relationships

  • The lunacy of the societal default belief that men and women cannot have platonic relationships

  • The importance of men and women comingling in healing, human-centered community TOGETHER

  • Lyndon's personal experience with never having adequate space held for him by women in his life

I'm excited for you to get exactly what you need from this episode!


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LISTEN & FEEL: This week's playlist suggestion: The New Masculine: A New Rap Vibe. An ode to [some] of my favorite, new age male rappers.

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Image by Vino Li
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