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My vulnerable moment with comparison | Facing shame, insecurity & inadequacy

Comparison is the thief of joy, right? Sure, but I'm bored with that adage and platitude. Comparison is human, and I believe we all have moments that we succumb to it. But there are moments where comparison snowballs into mimicking and copying, and when it gets there, there are lessons you can learn from it; if you choose to.

In episode 25 of Full Ass Human, I share a personal, vulnerable story about my experience with losing a friendship because of a spiraling moment of comparison that reflected a shadowy state of being and the lessons I learned about it. In this episode of Full Ass Human I also chat with you about:

  • What comparison is showing you about you

  • Granting yourself grace and compassion in moments you are out of integrity with yourself

  • Considerations for choosing sisterships/friendships

  • Taking moments to acknowledge and integrate your shadow

I'm excited for you to get exactly what you need from this episode!


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LISTEN & FEEL: This week's playlist suggestion: The Feminine Divine : A Feminine Vibe

An ode to sisterhood.

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Image by Vino Li
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