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Notes on expressing the layers of your life purpose | The multi-passionate/multi-dimensional calling

You know you have multiple layers and dimensions, right? Are you allowing yourself to make space for as many of those layers and dimensions as possible? We have mis-taught about not only what 'life purpose' is, but also about the depth in which our life purpose GETS to be expressed, lived out and lived through us over a lifetime.

In episode 24 of Full Ass Human, I share about my memory of being a very multi-passionate child and how stripping the shame and fear of being multi-passionate and multi-dimensional, has allowed me to find fulfillment in the unexpected. I also call you to practice, to ponder and muse on how you can grant yourself permission to do the same. In this episode of Full Ass Human I also chat with you about:

  • What your life purpose is vs what you've been taught

  • The power of allowing your innate gifts & talents to express themselves differently as you grow as a human

  • Granting yourself permission to shine, express and expand fully

  • Pondering your life as a naturally multi-dimensional being

I'm excited for you to get exactly what you need from this episode!


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LISTEN & FEEL: This week's playlist suggestion: The Essentials: A Multi-Passionate Vibe

A vibe for owning your layers.

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