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Soothe Your Nervous System : A Soothing Vibe

EP 015 of The Feel More Podcast we slow things down and journey into our nervous system's with the string of songs that inspired me to tend to my own nervous system. This vibe is not your typical "ommm hmmm" music you may think of as soothing. Its jazzy (of course), but also experimental with hints of ancestral/afro-indigenous nods. I'm just excited to take you on this journey with me.

This episode is only available on Spotify because it houses music on Spotify. Below is a preview of the episode. You can click on it to listen in Spotify! Keep in mind, you can only hear the full track list in this episode if you are a paid Spotify member!


✍🏾 Feel More Podcast Show Notes ✍🏾


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Image by Vino Li
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