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The true human pandemic - Fear of feeling | Remembering feeling as a spiritual practice

The process of feeling is an irreplaceable and imperative process and experience of being human. As the centuries have progressed, as technology has advanced and humanness has become less important, we have lost sight of how feeling serves and enriches every aspect of our lives.

In episode 21 of Full Ass Human, I share a unique, non-trendy perspective about feeling as a spiritual practice and how NOT allowing yourself to develop a healthy relationship with feeling stunts your ability to feel alive. In this episode of Full Ass Human I also chat with you about:

  • Feeling as a verb, a noun and a language

  • An excerpt from Audre Lorde's "Uses of the Erotic"

  • Reminders for the deeply feeling, sensitive soul

  • The soulful benefits of adopting feeling as a spiritual practice

I'm excited for you to get exactly what you need from this episode!


LISTEN & FEEL: This week's playlist suggestion: Reviving The Felt Sense : A Long Walk Vibe

A vibe for tuning in and feeling!


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