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There is more to life than running a business

I was featured on the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast back in June & this week I decided to share this episode with you all instead of forcing myself to record something new. I needed a little break this week!

In this episode of the Full Ass Human Podcast Joi and I talk about:

  • Unconventional ways to measure success

  • How to check in with yourself beyond how your business is going

  • How being overly identified with your business can stunt your personal growth

  • Self care tips for the entrepreneurial spirit & so much more!!

I'm excited for you to get exactly what you need from this episode!


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LISTEN & FEEL: This week's playlist suggestion: Contemplating The Tides : A Spacious Vibe . One of my personal favorites for contemplation, resting, introspecting and gathering your energy inward.


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Access the full episode transcript here



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